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and how are you?/lessons in conversation (2005)

photoinstallation / photos (30x40 cm) / text
exhibition view

he birth of the seria was inspired by a visual language game.
The seria set off from the special features of sign language and created a link between photographs and words.
The portraits show a man using sign language and each portrait carries concrete meanings.
Though deep emotions are reflected on his face, in fact these are signs, signs showing emotional states. This is the mimicry belonging to the hand signs used in sign language, but this time without the hands.
As we look at his face, we begin to have the uneasy sense that whatever message he delivers to us with his face, though we can see it, the real meaning stays hidden if we do not understand the sign language system.
The words on the wall next to each portrait give us support and bring us closer to understanding, but do not explain the portraits entirely. The visible “new words” remind us a bit of language text books, but withdrawing from the simple logical structure of language classes, do not didactically follow the man’s mimicry.
The totality of photographs and words create the opportunity to seek meanings that may differ from the actual meaning.
“I asked my model (who cannot hear) to choose some important words, and show the mimicry connected to each.
He selected the following words:

"… to be disappointed, be in despair and become surprised, discredit, be terrified, brighten up, be pleased, reject, be content, take notice of, reconcile, reduce, be happy…”

Let’s call this seria an introduction, a social project, an experiment towards understanding! Con-versation on a basic level, in a “foreign” language, in an artistic environment! All this is the long discussed relationship between photograph and language as taken from life.

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