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cherry trees (2008)
(lambda print)
exhibition view
"In 1990 a Japanese Foundation donated 10 000 cherry trees to Berlin, planed along a section of the former wall (it's total lenght was 160 km) Osdolfer Waldchen and Lichterfelter Allee. The photo installation follows the path of cherry trees at the place of the demolished Berlin Wall.”

The Way of Cherry Trees shows the uncertainty of social, political, historical remembrance of our time. The series was inspired by walks along the demolished Berlin Wall where nownowadays cherry trees blossom. Right from the beginning it was a joint work with a co-artist whose name remained almost hidden. Two walks are intertwined in the photo series. I could discover the cherry trees with the help of the co-artist's descriptions, preliminary studies and draft-photos. I received the images and descriptions of this preliminary walk, and finally I created my own version of this topic, thus, the two walks ended up as a long series of images accompanied by description.

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