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“Dear, you’ve asked whether there was anyone lately who likes, supports and follows my strolls in Budapest…”

The exhibition “you are here” is an irregular photographic series, whose pieces are taken during long strolls across Budapest.
The images show Budapest’s trees, mostly including the lights illuminating them; the sight consists of a tree and a streetlight wedged in the foliage. The exhibition documents the strolls, keeping track of the unnatural, isolated, almost grotesque presence of nature in the cityscape. It seeks contact with the cityscape, with those dwelling in it, and with the addressed (and perhaps imaginary) dear one. The exhibition is supplemented with letters containing instructions for new routes each day (, helping visitors to find the locations, photographs and texts of the daily expanding exhibition.

Lumen Gallery will be the starting point for the strolls, with two or three large photographs and the first route description, and at the end of the exhibition it will host a book containing all the photographs, map fragments of the trees’ habitats and the route descriptions.

2010 © csoszó