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the game (2005)

photoinstallation (photography of my face in 150 pieces / a table with numbers) print plexi (70X100 cm)
The exhibition is in fact a game. A picture is made. The game starts by sending the parts of the picture to the audience as an invitation. This invitation is one part of the picture. Please take it with you.
I cut the picture into 150 pieces. Then I sent one pice to all of the people, who I considered to be important in my life. I dindnít know all of them personally.
The pieces of my pictures werebeautiful themselves. One part of them exhibition was a white board, with 150 white numbers, 150 empty spaces.
On the back side of the pictures I asked the people to take the pictures with themselves.
I played with 150 people in one time. Even with those, who didnít come.
The missing of them was seen by those, who came.
They didnít know, what will they see in the end, when they stick the invitations on the white board.
But when the first piece was put on its place, the whole pictures sense became for everybody. The scene changed every day.
Those, who didnít come, didnít know, that their missing became a symbol. Those, who came, didnít know, that the pice they eook back to the exhibition was a part of my face.
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