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prefaces (2002) 

photoinstallation (book) / lambda print (50x70 cm) / text (30X40 cm)
text excerpt
Gabriella Csoszó - Szilárd Podmaniczky

"The rhapsody of four adopted children in picture and proze"

The exhibition and the book is based on years of seriously absorbed photographical work.
The author, Gabriella Csoszó has done a series of photographies over a period of long years about her adopted brothers and sisters.
The pictures form a pattern from time, where repetition, change, similarity and individuality and the distance created by the anonimity of presentation emerge as questions asked from a uniquely individual angle, enchanced texts.
The texts linked are the work of Szilárd Podmaniczky, written on the invitation of Gabriella, built up actual facts, and experiences, following a few moments from the lives of these children.
The book essentially made of reality, thus becomes a kind of lyrical documentation, decorated with elements of fiction.

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